Music in the Darkness

Coming back from a meeting tonight I heard music.  It was dark, and as I stopped under a streetlamp I tried to find the source.  It had started softly but was growing louder now, and I realized that Amazing Grace was being played on bagpipes.  I was standing between two buildings and the echo coming off the walls was so intense that it sounded as if there were many people playing together.  I started walking towards the sound and eventually was able to make out a single figure in the dark, standing dead center on the large lawn in front of the music center.  From where I stood I couldn't tell whether the player was male or female, but the person playing was alone, slowly turning circles in the wet grass, playing a tribute to the stars. 
Today we remember a tragedy that occurred eleven years ago.  I can't think of a more beautiful way to honor those lost. Thank you to whoever it was that played through the darkness unto the clear night sky tonight.

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