One Week From Summer

We enjoyed another spectacular sunset here at the Point, treated to the balmy weather and the perfume of evening jasmine.  It was a lovely end to a day of light errands, including shopping for ingredients in Little Italy to make some traditional Italian desserts.  This dress is a comfortable and very pretty summer staple that has served me well in the recent weeks of pleasantly warm weather here in San Diego (I'm still adapting to the lack of humidity: this dress was much less comfortable in the damp, clinging heat of Virginia).

Photos by C. Mahoney 
Dress: Thrifted J.Crew from Clothes Mentor, Denim Jacket: Access Jeans (T.J. Maxx), Reversible Belt: Talbots, Purse: Fossil, Shoes: Alex Marie, Earrings: Wrought Helena Drops in Grey from Anthropologie 

One of my last souvenirs from Virginia was this J.Crew maxi dress.  Clothes Mentor, which prefers to classify itself as "retail resale," had recently moved in just down the road from CNU.  While preparing for my cross-country adventure I had taken a pile of older clothing there to sell after seeing a sign out front, and I left with both the J.Crew dress and a pair of stunning cognac leather Italian heels by Brooks Brothers.  I was thrilled with the prices and even happier when I tried on the dress to find that it just grazed the bottom of my ankles.  A maxi dress that I wouldn't have to hem?!  Nearly unheard of, in my personal experience.  The dress is a size small, though not petite, so I assume that it was meant to fall above the ankles for someone more gifted in height.  Not completely without fault, the elastic waistband emphasizes the yardage on this style, the abundant fabric highlighted by a nipped-in waist and small frame.  I considered attempting to take the dress in but I decided that the loose fit was an advantage in summer heat.  Luckily, the thin straps are adjustable and the waistline can be pulled in a little with the assistance of a belt.  Honestly I just couldn't pass up the beautiful abstract print on this dress and it's a lovely way to look polished in a very casual piece. 

The belt I purchased pretty recently at a Talbot's sale for very little and I have been wearing it consistently, as it A) actually fits my natural waist!, and B) is reversible (navy blue to burgundy red).  I noticed that there are still some of these belts available but they have been moved to the Talbots Outlet stores (here).  I actually wish I had bought this belt in more colours because I've been using it so frequently. 

Hope all of my friends near and far are enjoying a little time to themselves this summer.  I'm excited to start reading for pleasure again after finishing my literature minor (though I usually loved the books I read for class, it's nice to have the freedom to choose your next read on your own).  The books on my list right now include How They See Us (ed. James Atlas), Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing (Gretchen Hirsch), and The Ingredients of Love (Nicolas Barreau).  Happy summer!

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  1. Wow, gorgeous photos! Love that dress!