The month of July welcomes deep summer. In Virginia, this time of year means it's the peak season for overgrown yards with jungle-like aspirations, invisible but plentiful mosquitoes, and heat. Humid, suffocating, blanket heat. Virginia is a state with a lot of natural beauty, but that doesn't soothe the burn when the air conditioning system breaks down in July. This July I'm giving thanks for a much cooler summer (note: not "better," but "cooler"...for all those Virginia enthusiasts).  

Independence Day in San Diego this year provided those of us watching the Big Bay Boom with the surprise of seeing a few hundred thousand fireworks all explode at the same moment. Thanks to a programming malfunction we were treated to the entire show within about three seconds. There were spectators that were disappointed but it was an awesome, massive explosion! I enjoyed the quick show on the bay while wearing a "new" dress that I picked up from a vintage shop in Paris when I was there for two weeks in May...note the sailboats. Major points for sailboat prints.   

Anyway, happy fourth (yesterday)! There's nothing quite like traveling to make me really appreciate this incredible country I am privileged to call my home. 

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