Red White and Blue

Today was the first practice of the semester with our sailing team.  It was wonderful to see everyone and get to know some new members while welcoming them to the area with a good hard rainstorm.  When the air feels so heavy that it gets caught in your throat and presses against your skin and threatens to swallow you up, there's nothing better than seeing the skies burst open with a steady rain.  We were focusing on rigging the boats today and the rolling layers of the storm could be seen on the James from our dock in the creek several minutes before the rain even reached us.  Being back in the creek is a good feeling and a reminder that I picked one of the most graceful and scenic sports to participate in...I am always amazed at how beautiful the surroundings are that I have come to think of as ours. 

Top: Ann Taylor, Skirt: LOFT, Shoes: Alex Marie, Bag: Urban Outfitters
Photos by C. Mahoney

Speaking of which, I am already missing my home where these photos were taken!  Best wishes to all in the next few months, I know they will be busy ones for myself and many others. 

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