Fall Activities

I recently drove up to Carter Mountain Orchard with my good friend and teammate, Victoria.  We hiked all over the mountain side in search of apples (there were few left this late in the season) and it couldn't have been a prettier day to do so.  After an hour or so of picking apples we were worn out so we retired to the apple barn for cups of cold apple cider and snacks: apple cider donuts!  Everything was delicious.  I think the best part was seeing all of the families coming up the mountain for donuts and jugs of apple cider, jars of apple butter, and apple cider slushies.  A lot of people had small wagons that they used to cart their purchases (or small children) around.  The leaves were just changing and the view over Charlottesville from the mountain was breathtaking. Definitely worth the drive for a beautiful celebration of autumn!  

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