Dress: Urban Outfitters, Faux Fur Scarf: LOFT, Shoes: Anthropologie, Earrings: Fossil, Bag: 1930's vintage
Photos by K. Agnew

Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday this year! Hurricane Sandy and a week night halloween put a bit of a damper on the festivities but we found a way to have a small celebration with friends last night. There were enough treats for all of us and we had a great time dressing up! One of my suitemates remarked that our costumes were very indicative of our individual personalities and she couldn't have been more correct: amongst the partygoers we had a terrifying, gore-covered girl (there was some serious cosmetic talent involved), a girl dressed as a boy we know well, a classy 1950' s girl, and an extravagant flapper.
I was excited to finally get to wear the dress I purchased over the summer and make use of some of my flashier accessories.  My friend, Kelly, lent me her vintage 1930's evening bag (close enough for me!) and I wore a deco-style ring that I brought home from the Paris flea markets.  I used a faux fur circle scarf as a shawl and an embellished ribbon from another dress of mine as a hair ornament after pinning my hair up into a temporary bob.  The dress didn't come with a slip when I bought it so I substituted a long grey top underneath which worked pretty well.
Here's another photo that Kelly took:

Mint chocolate chip milkshakes, chocolates in martini glasses, cookies, and sparkling apple cider

I think we were all really satisfied with our costumes this year and we had a blast celebrating!

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