Small Triumphs

If I'm being honest with myself, I know that my body is better suited to a 1940's-1950's silhouette than most other styles. Unfortunately, there are times when I'm beyond dishonest with myself. It's the worst when I dip into my day dreams of 1920's grandeur...the art deco jewelry, heavily beaded frocks, and embellished evening bags are just too lovely. Add those factors to my love for all things symmetrical and geometrically inspired and I find myself purchasing twenties inspired dresses in partnership with the costume excuse. The costume excuse comes out when I know that there is very little chance of my ever finding a practical excuse to wear the item I have just purchased (cheaply, of course), in which case I offer it up as a possible "costume." My friends and family members are aware that I don't need an evening dress for Halloween, but the excuse works well enough.

The most recent example of this was brought on by the Gatsby inspired trends and my trip to Paris, where the golden age of Chanel and Lanvin has never truly faded. Shortly after I returned home, I spotted a twenties inspired dress that I had previously admired (for a much higher price) on the sale rack at Anthropologie.
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It was marked down to $9.99 from the original price (nearly $200) with the trade-off of a few missing beads that could have been easily replaced. It was gorgeous but it was three sizes too large for me to pull off...and the sheer mesh part of the neckline was slightly crooked, which would have driven me crazy. I was sad to put it back on the rack but I had no use for it and I knew it was completely irrational.
I was proud of myself for being responsible until I realized I was thinking about the dress all. the. time.
It wasn't much long afterwards that I stumbled into Urban Outfitters and saw the shell of another twenties inspired frock thrown haphazardly across a sale rack in the back of the store.
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Having passed up the Anthropologie dress I just couldn't pass this one up, especially as it was also only $9.99. Downsides: 1) also a large, but the mesh fabric makes it easier to pull off as the body is still visible underneath. 2) The slip was missing.  Yes, I bought a see-through mesh shell for a dress. But it's absolutely beautiful, the beading is very well done, the price was right, and I could use it as a costume, right?
I think I've justified this enough.  Thrilled to own this, either way! I tried it with a couple slips I already own and it looks nice...there's also the bonus of being able to change to colour of the slip under the shell. 

A few other triumphs in my shopping excursions (over the course of two months) include:
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Banana Republic dress that I've been coveting since it first appeared in the summer ads! I bought it for $33 during the additional 40% off sale items promotion...and got a further 20% for a tiny smudge on the neckline that I was able to take off immediately. 
from: here
Embellished top from Forever 21 that is a replacement for a gorgeous Urban Outfitters top of a very similar design offered earlier this year. Unfortunately I missed out on the original because I was waiting for a sale, but the price on this Forever 21 top more than makes up for it ($15). 
from: here
The Star Trails Halter from Anthropologie in navy blue with white embroidery.  The detailing in this top is incredible and it has a very endearing "American girl" quality to it. I'm not afraid to be a little patriotic in my colour combinations and I really can't resist anything blue and white. I paid $19, which I think is fair considering the quality and the intense detailing.

from: here 
Cross-strap chemise in kelly green from Anthropologie, which I believe I bought for $12. The reviews are right about how thin the fabric is (it is a chemise, after all), but I tried it on with a half slip and I have no doubts that it will be a beautiful dress! I am really happy with this. The colours are just lovely.

The weather here has been gorgeous and I really like my new job. Missing my friends and boyfriend but I'm having a grand time for the most part. Happy summer!

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