Cape: Talbots, Dress: Vintage (my grandmother's), Tights: Hue, Shoes: Talbots, Clutch: Fossil 

A few pictures of my new houndstooth plaid cape, which I've worn four times already even though I just got it last weekend! Many thanks to my wonderful boyfriend for my new outerwear (you really are the best!).  This ensemble was actually very warm, mostly because of the wool dress that was handed down to me from my grandmother. However, it was 20 something degrees outside when these were taken and for someone who spends most of her time in Virginia or southern California it was pretty brutal (I apologize to my friends currently struggling with negative temperatures...I know I'm a wimp). Thank you to my lovely friend, Kelly, who was with me while I was taking pictures in the cold and who waited in my car with me until my fingers thawed enough to drive.  

Hope everyone is staying bundled up and warm!

Photo by K.Agnew

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