The Last of December

The most beautiful sunsets in San Diego take place during the winter.  I took a walk on the beach just before the sun slipped under the of the things I love about being at home is that the sun seems to take such a long time to set, and in that time the wind calms, the waves begin to pull inward towards the shore, and everything seems to be all at once in a state of serenity.  Even after the sun disappears the sky is light and balmy for awhile, long enough to admire window panes set aflame by the sky and the silhouetted islands about forty miles south of us. At 65 degrees, the weather here is warm enough for me to shed my winter wardrobe and enjoy a short reprieve from layers upon layers of warm clothes.  I feel slightly guilty wearing skirts without tights and short sleeved t-shirts in December/January, but it's so nice!

I've been spending a lot of time with my family and visiting favourite places.  Just before New Year's my mom, sister, and I did morning yoga on the beach at Coronado.  Stretching under the new morning sky on the beach was so relaxing.
Hoping that all of my friends and family find some time to relax, clear their minds, and take in the beauty around them as we begin this new year!
Sweater: Forever21, Jeans: LOFT, Shoes: Sperry, Purse: Gift from my parents' trip to Italy!