Late to Autumn

Photo Credit C. Mahoney 
Dress: Mango (via ASOS), Belt: Dooney & Bourke, Handbag: Vintage Coach, Shoes: Sperry's

I stepped away from my blog for a little too long and it was difficult to start up again, but I can't miss out on fall entirely as it's the best season! I'm already disappointed in myself for skipping October, my favourite month. I got a job about three months ago managing social media marketing for a store here, so I've been blogging/tweeting/instagraming/posting a lot...just not here. I'm going to try to change that going forward into the holiday season, so wish me luck! 
It's still quite warm here in San Diego so it's been a bit of a challenge to change out my wardrobe. I want to put away my summer clothes but I really still need them at the moment. This sweater dress, however, was purchased in the ASOS end of summer sale and I thought it was a nice transitional piece to wear for awhile. And my friends know I can't say no to navy and white, any time of year. The Sperry's were a birthday gift from my mother this summer (they were an emergency replacement for a pair of especially beloved Sperry's that I lost at sea) and I've been wearing them to and from work to give my feet a bit of a break from my usual heels. I made a sort of resolution last year to only buy and wear comfortable shoes going forward, having done enough damage to my feet by the ripe old age of 21. Oops. 
The purse is one I happened upon this summer at the Frock You vintage sale, and it's just the Coach handbag that I'd been looking for! After a scrub and some moisturizer it's good as new, and the scarf reminds me of Chateau de Chantilly, where I purchased it during my short study abroad last year. Fun memories! Happy fall, everyone. 

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