Glazed Pecan

Photos by C. Mahoney
Hat: Eugenia Kim (via Anthropologie), Top: J.Crew, Skirt; Anthropologie (last year), 
Shoes: Express (last year), Pocketbook: London Fog, 
Bracelet: Ann Taylor (sold out; matching necklace on sale), Necklace: Vintage (via Ms Vintage)

I have a recent thing for hats, and Anthropologie has a lot of good ones this season! This one, in an irresistible forest green, feels spunky and a little bit vintage and is just a tad out of my comfort zone. Although that exposes my comfort zone as a very bland place, I'm beginning to embrace hats as another accessory (because maybe I shouldn't be allowed to buy other accessories anymore). The skirt, also from Anthropologie, is one I share in common with a dear friend. We both bought it on sale over a year ago before an adventure overseas! I believe it was a summer item but it does well far into fall, especially paired with tights and riding boots. 
The t-shirt is this year's version of my favourite t-shirt, hailing from J.Crew in a lovely array of colours with pretentious names like "glazed pecan," which, let's face it, do their job in reminding me that I'm a sad, sad person who's programmed well for marketing tactics. It also comes in "festival blue," "fresh begonia," and "dusty quartz"...  
Still very happy with my durable London Fog bag, as it's tough enough to travel with and complements the best fall outfits perfectly. 

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