This is about as wintery as it gets here. I haven't worn my rainboots once this season so far...they're just a dusty reminder in my closet of the drought warnings and wildfires surely coming several months ahead of time this year. I can get away with wearing tights because of the air conditioning at work, and the temperatures do drop to a mild 50 degrees after dark. A typical San Diego winter is never very cold, but temperatures are usually lower (mid 50s) and we can usually expect a lot more rain and clouds. I've been enjoying the past couple weeks of 75-80 degree sunny days but it is worrying knowing that those that live inland are receiving fire warnings in January. 

Photo credit: C.Mahoney
Dress: Modcloth (via my dear friend, Kelly! Thank you!), Cardigan: Anthropologie (two years old), Tights: Hue, Shoes: Naturalizer, Purse: Coach

I haven't been keeping up with the blog as much as I would like, and it's because we're so out of season here in southern California. I generally like the things I wear on a daily basis but I feel silly photographing something summery when the rest of the country is hashtagging "polarvortex" and dealing with huge snowstorms. I'm grateful to see the return of resort wear, which is perfect for the climate here, and the new spring product that's gradually coming in. I'm not sure we'll really get a "winter" at all, because we had about two weeks of chilly temperatures and rain before Christmas and it's been suntanning weather ever since. Guess I'll just get started on spring! In the meantime, I have several colder weather sewing projects waiting for me on my dining room table, splashed with sunlight and palm tree shadows from the nearby windows and looking far too warm to rest on my lap for hours at a time while I sew indoors. I want to finish them, oh I really do, but it's far too nice outside for all that. That being said, I'd better be on my way...sunshine awaits! Much love to my poor friends and their space heaters. 

Also, happy new year (late late late perpetually late). 

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