Desert Vacation

I turned 21 recently and my family decided on a somewhat-spontaneous trip to Las Vegas, Nevada to celebrate!  This was my third trip to Vegas but I hadn't been since I was a lot younger, so it was pretty well suited to my birthday that I was able to experience so much more of what the city had to offer.  I learned how to play both blackjack and roulette and I won 16 times in a row playing roulette...I came out on top with a grand total of...wait for it...$5.00! 
Clutch: J.Crew, Dress: Banana Republic, Sandals: Enzo Angiolini
Photo by C. Mahoney

I got some great surprise birthday presents from some of my friends at CNU including some pretty yellow bracelets and the gorgeous wicker clutch from J.Crew pictured above!  The clutch is something I had admired during the huge sale J.Crew had a few weeks ago, but the ones left over after the sale fallout were all damaged.  I left without a clutch but didn't mention it to anyone until I received this one in a package from one of my awesome friends!  My friends and family all know me so well and I always get the most thoughtful things.
We cooled off at Serendipity 3 next to Caeser's Palace where we all had amazing dinners and finished off with some serious ice cream sundaes.  Shown here is the carnage (I think finishing such a dessert makes a more interesting photo than the original display...although this was shared between 3 people).  

All things considered, I had a wonderful birthday celebration in an exciting city!  I had forgotten how much I love the dry heat of the desert and the sweet desert grass smell.  I have lived in some extremely beautiful places on the coast but the alien beauty of the areas surrounding Las Vegas is something totally unique and just as breathtaking.  I wish I had taken a better picture of the sunset because it was truly awe inspiring.

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